Welcome to E-Temp Mail

E-Temp Mail is a free temporary email service that allows users to receive email on an anonymous email address. There are many websites on the internet that say signup first then we will allow you to use our services. If you don’t like to disclose your personal email address and look for a disposable email address that self-destructs after some time elapses, then you have got the best temporary email service. You are free to create an email address of your choice or let our free email creator system generate a random email address for you.

Why do I need E-Temp Mail?

The most important question is “Why to use a temporary email address When we have free regular email addresses with rich features like gmail.com and yahoo.com?” Let me clear you the difference when you register for a regular email address you have to provide your personal information, on the other hand when you use the temporary email address you do not need to provide any personal information. A regular email address or a permanent email address always saves your emails until you delete them by yourself while a temporary email service will never save your emails; it will automatically delete the emails after a certain time period.

Benefit of having a temporary email address

This is very handy when you are required to provide your personal email address and you are not sure that you will continue using it. To receive the confirmation email you can use the free disposable email address and safely confirm your account.