Best Video Downloader Chrome Extension

Are you looking for the best online video downloader that can help you easily and quickly download videos from the web? Well, look no further! In this blog post, we’ll discuss the best video downloader available online and how to use it to download videos from the web. Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced user, our guide will provide you with everything you need to know about the best online video downloader. So keep reading to find out more about these amazing tool!

How to download videos from YouTube?

Tell me the best route for now. You know, you know YouTube has an extremely difficult process of downloading. The streaming giant also owns Google Chrome. Extensions are prohibited from displaying YouTube download functionality in any form. There's no way you can download video files from Chrome Web Stores. Tell me my options? Previously known as YouTube Red, YouTube Premium offers playback in offline mode for $12 a year subscription. These features can be obtained from other countries by paying a YouTube subscription.

Honorable mention: Freemake

Freemakes are free web-based software. It can be accessed via the Web browser tab. I've linked to that page. You have to download and install this freeware on your computer. Just paste the video URL into the menu and click download. The video will convert in seconds and can be downloaded as an MP4. You have a choice to modify the layout of most of the options on your computer's home screen.

VGet Extension

This is a free app that is compatible with all devices other besides YouTube. This is a feature which allows the casting of videos on televisions that have DLNA-enabled hardware. In addition, you have a much better option for displaying file types and formats. Even though FBDown doesn't give you the handy thumbnail to help you find a specific video on the page, you get something that may be a little better: scroll through the video list available when you click on the extension icon, the video is displayed and viewed. Install this extension in Chrome.

FBDown Video downloader

This extension does much more than upload videos to Facebook. The videos can be downloaded online. It is free, but the only platform it seems not to be used is YouTube. Install it in Chrome Store on this site. When the extension is installed just click on the download link on Chrome. Often, the video name as well as the thumbnail image are shown, this gives you easier identification of the movie you are looking for. You may also add video URLs to download from How to install and use this extension see this link.

Chrome Video Downloader

The Chrome name has just as much merit that we can boast about it's compatibility with most video downloading applications on the market. The reason Chrome enjoys such great recognition has to do with its variety of integrated features to enhance users experiences. It offers an endless stream of downloader video apps for Chrome users that capture videos that play directly from their browser with no hassle.

FAQs About Chrome Video Downloader

Can downloadable movies on Chrome be legally watched?

Downloaders are perfectly legal when you want to download videos to yourself. However, downloading video without permission or authorization is considered a serious felony.

Q2: How much money is it worth?

The majority of video downloading software is actually free. Various premium plans offer additional features while others have tools that are free and available only in restricted quantities.

Top Free Video Downloader Chrome Extensions Review

Except for YouTube, the Google webstore contains a substantial collection of Chrome extension downloaders for Facebook, Vimeo, and Instagram. Our tests revealed 10 things that could be of great assistance to your business.

#1 Video Downloader professional

Video Downloader Professional is an excellent video downloader plugin for Chrome. The icons are the same as an arrow in the video player when the video is detected. Videos can be download from Facebook, Dailymotion, Vimeo, GoMovie, FM-TV, Tiktok, etc.

Can I save videos as MP4?

The various formats are also available to download including 720p 480 dpi 240 – 4K. Facebook is not available with a resolution choice, but with different dimensions. Another option is available to download Dailymotion on the M3U8.

#2 Easy Video Downloader

Easy Video Downloader is a Chrome video downloader plugin for storing videos and other audio and image information from Web sites. Comparable to many downloaders for Chrome, Easy Video Downloaders are incredibly good. This must be compatible with external downloaders as well as internal downloaders. A download manager comes into view as you click on the Download button. This tool lets you find detected video files for downloads.

#3 Video Downloader Plus

Users: 40 million / Ratings: 4.5/5. Users said Video Downloader Plus is the best YouTube downloader in Google Chrome extension. Not great, but a good effort! Currently there is a YouTube app that is downloaded for most sites. It is important to check the dimensions because it is possible to find several videos on the website. The Chrome extension also provides premium downloads, which require $19.99 monthly per video download.

#4 Video Downloader Pro

Video Downloader Pro is a powerful Chrome extension for downloading YouTube and other video formats and supports a wide range of video formats. Users: 100m + Ratings. The app is also capable of a wide range of languages. Best downloader Chrome claims to be able to download mp4, FLV video or AVI. The advertisement sounds fake. The software is not capable of downloading YouTube videos or Facebook videos or Brightcove videos.

#5 Flash Video Downloader

The video downloader Flash is a widely available video Download Chrome Extension that lets the user download Flash video. It can handle more than 50 languages such as English, Indonesian, German, English, Dutch, Norwegian, and Spanish. Free Chrome Video Downloader is not as flexible as Video Downloader Pro. This software must update the website for detection of video, while Video Download Professional cannot.

#6 Video Downloader Ultimate

The video downloader Ultimate has an excellent video downloading capability in Google Chrome. The application recognizes different resolutions of videos so that downloading can happen easily. It also allows adjusting the default setting by choosing pop-ups, side-bars or hiding control buttons and showing control buttons.

#7 1Video Downloader

1 Video Downloader is a Chrome extension which allows downloading videos from any website. It supports most popular video formats such as MOV, MP4, AVI, ASF, etc. The extension Chrome allows downloads in one place using only ONE CLICK. This list is carefully selected by our users to provide the most downloaded videos in Chrome with the features and links to their websites if possible. It includes commercial and open source software. Disclaimer: If downloading a video, please check hosting terms for details.

Tip: Some of the above mentions sites and software requires you to signup and if you don't want to disclose your real email address then you can use a temporary email address, here is list of temp mail provider sites.