How is temp mail useful for software development and testing?

Acquiring an email address to execute the testing procedure is a tedious and time-consuming task. Temp Mail or a 10-minute email service is another solution that will save developers time. The final testing stage is the most essential stage in any software development process. A huge number of features must be evaluated in an Online platform, which demands the use of at least a dozen different email accounts. Not every development team wants to spend their time filling out numerous registration forms on electronic mail sites and then memorizing a million passwords for such email accounts.

Advantages of using Disposable email during software development and testing:

As you can see, creating a regular email address for building and executing test processes is a rather boring and difficult operation, therefore users must seek alternatives, with temporary email being the ideal solution. This is the preferred option of the industry's top-ranked firms.

Even the most unskilled user can create a standard e-mail account in about two minutes. However, with a few mouse clicks, you may generate an anonymous email address. Furthermore, you are not required to enter any personal information. Each email address will be distinct. You have the option of manually deleting the email address by selecting "Delete," in which case the contents of the email will be safely erased. The website has an easy-to-use layout and an excellent user experience. Temp Mail will become an essential companion for every developer that produces programs and apps for use on the Internet.

Features of ETempMail.Net: 

Out of the box, ETempMail.Net provides you with a variety of features that other temp mail providers do not. 

  • Multiple domains.
  • Multiple email addresses at the same time.
  • Custom username for the email address.
  • Users can select a domain of their own choice.
  • Web Push Notification on the arrival of new email.
  • You can delete your email address after your work is done.
  • Your emails will be automatically deleted after 24 hours, however, you can delete your emails on your own.
  • Free temporary email, all the listed features are totally free.
  • Multilingual, more than fifteen languages support.